Rebath Dallas Cover Up

Your bathroom is old and outdated? You might be thinking about a quick sale or a quick fix? The thought about upsetting your home has you considering a quick fix? A quick fix isn’t always the answer and you might just be throwing your money down the drain. You might want to consider a new bathtub or shower replacement  that will add more value to your home and more peace of mind once all  that mold and mildew has been removed. Within 1-2 days you will have the bathroom of your dreams!!

Rebath Dallas is a franchise company that promises to reface your bathroom by covering up your old tub and shower walls.  That’s like putting a cap over a rotten tooth!

Top reason not to use Rebath!

  • Mold and mildew will be trapped and left to keep growing inside your walls and floors
  • Any rotted wall studs and/or flooring cannot be detected and will just be covered
  • Walls will eventually start to come loose as the adhesive breaks down.
  • Rebath is not cheap! It is probably the most expensive recycled plastic out there!
  • The end result is always a cheap look. You can spot a Rebath install a mile away.
  • Tubs and shower bases become smaller after capping

Why people would like the idea of Rebath is because it gives instant gratification but most people aren’t aware of the downfalls.

Besides appearance, what you don’t see:

  • Ceramic tile almost always has a glossy surface. Even the best adhesives have a hard time staying adhered. The walls will eventually start to pop off.
  • New diverter was changed from a three hand diverter to a single hand diverter. That’s fine, the only difference is that it should have been moved up another foot minimum. As water hits your body it will transfer onto the diverter at the lower height and eventually penetrate into your wall creating mold and mildew.
  • The new drain was installed with a pop up. Your trip lever was discontinued and now if you want to take a bath you must push down on the drain. The only problem with this is that your old drain had a strainer cover on it for catching hair and other debris from entering your drainage system. Now your drain is wide open so look for major issues down the road.
  • You will lose your shelving and soap dish.They may offer to furnish  you with a cheap built in shelf.
  • The rest of your bathroom is still old and outdated so now you will still have to upgrade all the contents.

Makes you cringe to think all that mold, mildew and bacteria is still living under your new tub. Don’t be fooled, these installations are nothing more than a quick cover up job.

Benefits of a new bathtub or shower replacement:

  • All of your old moldy and mildew contents are removed down to the studs
  • New fiberglass insulation is installed and brought up to current R-values
  • All your plumbing valves are changed inside the walls
  • Electrical is updated and extra lighting can be installed
  • Shower area walls get new moisture resistant sheet rock
  • Opportunity to add in wall shelves  and soap dishes